Socotra is an excellent trekking destination. You can go on a strenuous hike or take a more leisurely tour of the island. You can go on a vacation to see the natural wonders that abound on the island, and there are numerous possibilities for excursions.

Swimming and Relaxing

When you are in need of truly restful and relaxing holidays, look no further than the nature of Socotra island. Swim in crystal clear water, where after you’ll enjoy sunset. Food, cold water and soft drinks will be serve by your guide and driver, you may even have the chance to be attend traditional dancing…


When it comes to fishing, the sea around Socotra is a rich environment with a high concentration of most fish species. Because of its location in the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea, Socotra is recognized as a great fishing spot.


Socotra Island’s magnificent terrain makes paragliding a fantastic sport. Paragliding is still a unique sport on Socotra Island, thus visitors must provide all necessary equipment. There are many incredible sites to practice paragliding.

Botanical Tours

Socotra Island has a diverse range of plant life. There are 835 plant species in total, 308 of which are endemic.
The geology and climate of the islands are diverse, with different climates in different places.
The islands have been designated as a WWF Global 200 Ecoregion, a plant life International Center of Plant Diversity, due to their high diversity and endemism in plants. These have been added to the list of UNESCO


Socotra is the ideal destination for those who enjoy both adventure and an unspoiled environment. Camping is one of the greatest ways to experience Socotra’s unique atmosphere. If you’re looking for adventure, breathtaking panoramic views, gorgeous reefs along the coast of limitless and deserted sandy beaches, mountain views, and unusual animals, here is the place for you When you know you’ll have them all to yourself


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Swimming and Relaxing

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